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Biosensors at TCT 2013
Biosensors created a high profile at TCT with an expanded product portfolio, offering physicians a broader range of treatment options to improve patient outcomes.
Axxess™ 4.0 x 9 was used successfully in a live case for the first time. We also exhibited BioMatrix NeoFlex™; the BioStream™ and BioPath™ drug-eluting balloons; and the BioFreedom™ drug-coated stent.
BioMatrix NEOFLEX™
BioMatrix NeoFlex™ is the latest addition to the BioMatrix family of drug-eluting stents (DES).™
It features an enhanced catheter delivery system with a lower entry profile than its predecessor, so improving pushability, trackability and crossability. BioMatrix NeoFlex retains the same unique combination of abluminal biodegradable polymer coating, Biolimus A9™ and flexible platform which have made the BioMatrix family of DES so popular.
BioFreedom™, the world’s first polymer-free drug-coated stent (DCS) with Biolimus A9™ It represents the latest development in Biosensors’ stent technology. It features a micro-structured abluminal surface which permits the controlled release of the drug without the use of a polymer.
Q3 FY14 Results
FY14 Third Quarter Financial Results Briefing

Wednesday, 12 February 2014, 5.30pm Singapore time