Pictogram illustrating Axxess Biodegradable PolymerProven safety of a dedicated
bifurcation DES with an abluminal
biodegradable polymer

Confirmed safety in DIVERGE

The use of Axxess™ for the treatment of complex bifurcation lesions resulted in low 4-year event rates, with a MACE rate of 18.0%

Very low definite VLST

Diverge trial results1:

  • Only one definite VLST attributed to Axxess™;
    all events occurred in relation to Cyper®
  • VLST did not result in any death
  • No VLST events between years 3 and 4

1. 4 - year clinical outcomes of dedicated bifurcation Axxess™ stent in DIVERGE trial, document 11059-000 at Biosensors Intl
2. Verheye, S. et al., “9-Month Clinical, Angiographic, and Intravascular Ultrasound Results of a Prospective Evaluation of the Axxess Self-Expanding Biolimus A9-Eluting Stent in Coronary Bifurcation Lesions. The DIVERGE (Drug-Eluting Stent Intervention for Treating Side Branches Effectively) Study”, J Am Coll Cardio 2009;53:1031–9
3. Definite stent thrombosis dened by ARC (Cutlip et al. “Clinical End Points in Coronary Stent Trials: A Case for Standardized Denitions”). Circulation. 2007; 115(17): 2344-51. Differs from protocol definition


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