Biosensors International

International Toll-free Dialing Instructions

Calls made from within U.S., Canada & Guam:

  1. Dial 888-485-2270

International Calls to EthicsPoint:

  1. To call EthicsPoint from: [Country – See table below] (Note: If your country is not listed, please make your report online through
  2. From an outside line, dial the listed International Toll-Free Service (ITFS) numbers.
  3. State “Biosensors International Group” when asked for the name of the organization. (Subsequently, please also provide the specific entity within the Group that the report is about.)
  4. If the telephone number listed is not functioning, please make your report online through  Please indicate in the report that the telephone number did not work.


Country ITFS Main Language offered Other Language Options
Australia 1-800-339276 English -
China (Northern) 10-800-712-1239 Mandarin English, Cantonese
China (Southern) 10-800-120-1239 Mandarin English, Cantonese
France 0800-902500 French English
Germany 0800-1016582 German English
Hong Kong 800-964214 Cantonese English, Mandarin
India 000-800-100-1071 English -
Indonesia 001-803-011-3570 Bahasa Indonesia English, Dutch
Israel 1-809-21-4405 English -
Japan 00531-121520 Japanese English
Malaysia 1-800-80-8641 Bahasa Melayu English, Mandarin
Netherlands 0800-0226174 Dutch English
Taiwan 00801-13-7956 Mandarin English, Cantonese
Thailand 001-800-12-0665204 Thai English, Mandarin
Singapore 800-1204201 English Mandarin
South Korea 00798-14-800-6599 Korean English
Spain 900-991498 Spanish English
Switzerland 0800-562907 German English, French, Italian