Biosensors has put in place a Group Whistleblowing Policy where concerns about possible improprieties in matters of financial reporting or other matters including any breach of the Code of Conduct can be reported on an anonymous basis and in confidence through an Ethics hotline channel managed by EthicsPoint, an independent external service provider.
The Group Whistleblowing Policy and the Ethics hotline channel (via internet or telephone) are put in place to encourage the raising of concerns in good faith.
Biosensors does not condone mischievous or malicious allegations.  Action may be taken against any person who files a report or provides evidence which he or she knows to be false, or without a reasonable belief in the truth and accuracy of such information.
Note: For individuals in the European Union, kindly note that local law may only permit reporting of certain issues (generally, suspected fraud and accounting, financial reporting and internal control matters).  Please evaluate the local legislation and/ or seek legal advice if necessary before making any reports.

Updated: November 2014