Company overview

Pioneering from the Start

A history of firsts in interventional cardiology

For more than 25 years, the Biosensors International Group (“Biosensors”) has been developing and marketing critical care catheter systems and related devices used during heart surgery and intensive care treatment.

Continually striving to be at the forefront of product innovation, with a focus on improving patient outcomes today, we are driving the development of tomorrow’s next generation medical technology.

In the year 2000 we entered the interventional cardiology market and immediately became the first cardiology company to develop and patent their own proprietary limus agent, Biolimus A9™ (BA9™), a highly lipophilic1 anti-restenotic drug designed for cardiovascular stent technologies.

We were also the first stent company to develop and launch a biodegradable polymer stent with only the abluminal side coated with polymer and drug to reduce systemic exposure2.

Over the last two-decades Biosensors has become one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of cardiovascular stents globally.

Our interventional cardiology products are designed to optimize patient outcomes.


Biosensors International does not manufacture or market interventional cardiology products in the United States. These products are commercialized in certain non US regions under the CE Mark, but are not approved by the United States Food & Drug Administration, and are not available for prescription or use in the United States.

Biosensors Vision

We Touch Patients Lives with Pioneering Medical Technologies

Biosensors manufactures and markets innovative medical devices for interventional cardiology.

Our aim is to improve patients’ lives through pioneering medical technology that pushes the boundaries of innovation.

Through our high quality medical devices we impact the lives we touch and we are committed to continued investment in the development of pioneering medical technology, robust clinical data and engineering new medical devices that will further benefit your patients.

This will create the greatest possible patient outcomes and provide value to our stakeholders including customers, employees, communities and shareholders.

Global Presence

The Biosensors International Group has operations worldwide and is headquartered in Singapore. The European headquarters are located in Morges (Switzerland). With the combination of a direct sales network and distributors across the world, Biosensors is dedicated to serving the needs of the healthcare community and is committed to, the support of bona fide medical education, advancing the progress of medical science and improving patient care, through training courses, scientific summits and symposia and related events on a regular basis, both in international forums and at national level. Biosensors also participate in some of the major cardiology congresses throughout the world - doing so in a way that complies with all ethical and legal requirements.

11181-000-EN - Rev.01

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