Pioneering Technology

Biosensors International operates globally, offering interventional devices and solutions for patients living with Coronary Artery Disease. We are proud of our track record and our continued innovation in the development of next-generation medical technologies, that make a difference to patients’ lives around the world.

Our global commercial teams together with a strong network of distributors, present and deliver our products where they can be of the greatest benefit. Complementing our established cardiovascular presence, our endovascular devices have been launched recently to offer more solutions for patients whose lives we touch.

Pioneering spirit led to Biosensors developing its own Proprietary Technology. The only limus drug designed specifically for coronary stent applications, coating DES and DCS platforms, started a new stent generation that provides treatment solutions for previously neglected patients.


Biosensors Europe SA does not manufacture or market interventional cardiology products in the United States. These products are commercialized in non US regions with a CE Mark. They are not approved by the United States Food & Drug Administration, and are not available for prescription or use in the United States.


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