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Biosensors Europe SA (BESA) is responsible for the sales and marketing operations in Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, India and Africa. In addition to Clinical, Regulatory and Finance Departments, BESA runs the Customer Service Department, responsible for the management of orders, relations with direct customers and distributors, and supervising the delivery of product.

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Rue de Lausanne 29 Tel: +41 21 804 80 00
1110 Morges Fax: +41 21 804 80 02



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The Netherlands / Logistics Facility

Biosensors BV was established in 1996. It is acting as a distribution center for the colleagues at Biosensors Europe SA.

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Arnoudstraat 8 Tel: +31 252 517 676
2182 DZ Hillegom Fax: +31 252 526 782
The Netherlands